Wednesday, January 28, 2015

HeartFull Living: Conversations on Love 2015

Two years ago I wrote these words:

What does my spirit crave?  Connection.

What do I want to make space for in my life? Community.

What do I need to nourish me in this season of dark and cold?  Conversation.  Deep listening. Being heard.  Hearing the truths of others. Sharing and through sharing, learning, growing, and healing.  Settling deeper into myself and embracing my truth, my story.

I hear the geese flying overhead and my heart soars.  I feel that call to return ...

HeartFull Living 2015

A new year but a return to visit with old and new friends, sit in virtual circle and share what is on our hearts and our minds.  A place to share our stories about healing; to celebrate the scars that represent our strength and determination; and to hold witness to our inherent power to choose truth and love and to create joy in our world. 

This year I want to explore these questions: 
How can I live my life dedicated to serving Love?  What does that look like? How does leaning into love translate into everyday action?  What does that mean for me? For my family? For my community?

I want to hear your stories.  I want to share mine.  I believe both voices are necessary to our ability to envision new possibilities, new ways to heal ourselves, our families, our community, our planet. I want to challenge myself to show up on a regular basis and feed my heart. 

Like tomorrow's beautiful flower encased in a delicate bud, the expanded heart is, for many of us, still in a latent form. The heart, like the bud, protects itself from the harshness of the external world by staying cocooned, locking the Divine within. But through continuous nurturing of deep devotion, the bud, in guarded increments, can expand its petals to fully blossom in all its beauty. (Nischala Joy Devi -The Secret Power of Yoga

The blossoming of the heart is possible in the soil of our very lives. We just need to fortify that soil with our attention, being full present, awake and aware. We can do that by sharing our experiences, sharing insights and discoveries in addition to sharing the ways we sit with uncertainty, confusion, and the unknown.  

I invite you to join me for 4 weeks of conversations.  Each week I will offer up my stories, the pebbles from my trail through the terrain of the heart.  These offerings will be the invitation for you to share the lessons and stories of your heart's blossoming.  

This year I will be joined by guest contributors. Each week there will be one or two new voices - some of my favorite Joy Warriors and Inspired Creatives who exemplify honoring the heart's truths -  sharing their experience of living a life dedicated to love. These are the people I turn to when I need to realign myself with my heart, with Love.  

The format will be bare-bones in honor of Ease.  One private blog site where we gather to share through posts and discussion threads; an open invitation to contribute your words, images, work to the site. New material three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with surprises certainly welcome and encouraged! 

What I envision is a space we each come to -  perhaps first thing in the morning as a means of setting the intention of HeartFull living for our day; or as a haven at the end of the day, time to reflect, thoughts to help guide us in the work of our dreams.  I want to challenge myself - and I extend the challenge to you as well - to commit to showing up regularly for myself and for my life.  To dedicate my practice to HeartFull living for one month as a means of preparing myself for a new year, a new cycle through the seasons.


 password: heartfull
Direct link to video here
please note, video lists dates for last year!  

HeartFull Living 2015 begins February 16 (introduction) and runs through March 15, 2015
(from new moon to new moon!)
cost: $21

To honor the inspiration of Charm, my mentor in leaning into Love, $10 of each membership will be donated to HETRA - Heartland Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Academy, and specifically to support Charm in this years Penny Race for Horse for the Year, a fundraiser for the organization. To read about my experience as a volunteer, go HERE. IF you would like to vote for Charm using your pennies, you can do so HERE.

questions?  contact me at Lishofmann88(at)gmail(dot)com.

I'd love to have you join me.