Monday, December 18, 2017

Red Hot HOTY (Horse of the Year) fundraiser

For the past couple of years I have been involved in a lively yearly fundraiser for the therapy horses of HETRA (Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy) known as the Horse Penny Race.  Starting in January and running until around the middle of April, each  horse active in Hetra's various therapeutic riding programs has a team of human supporters collecting donations which will be used to support the care of the herd.  

To be sure, these busy horses eat their fair share of hay and grain, not to mention other supplements to keep them healthy, happy and serving the community. (Hetra's programs include: therapeutic riding - an equine-assisted activity for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs; Hippotherapy - physical or occupational therapy which uses the movement of the horse to facilitate improvements in the client; therapeutic carriage riding and equine services for veterans.)

All monies collected benefit the entire herd, but to make things fun each horse is in competition to be name Hetra Horse of the Year, or HOTY.  The horse with the most donations is crowned HOTY of the year and receives a new bridle along with a plaque hanging above his/her stall.  Of course, all of their human supporters get very excited promoting herd favorites and I admit to being an impassioned fundraiser for the horses, as I just know they appreciate the adoration. 

Let me introduce you to the Hetra horse I am stumping for: a handsome and personable sorrel gelding named Red:

Red is one of those horses who will knicker the minute he hears a human coming into the barn (surely to say "Hello!  Hey, while you are at it, can you drop some hay into my stall?")  Red is know as the peace-maker in his group, making sure everyone gets along although he can also instigate a little friendly play. I have know and loved Red since 2014 when I began volunteering. He is an energetic, personable boy and deserving of the title HOTY ... I mean, look at him!

This year I am offering sets of Hetra Herd postcards for sale to raise money for Red in the Horse Penny Race.  Throughout the year, I photograph the horses and from my photos create pen and watercolor portraits which I have made into postcards. I am excited to offer my third set of portraits: 11 cards depicting individual horses from the Hetra Herd (including 2 recently retired and favorites of the herd):

Each set, including postage to a U.S. address is $18. With each purchase of a set of cards, $15 will be donated to Red for the Hetra Horse Penny Race. (I make no money off of the sale of the cards but I do need to deduct the cost of printing and postage to cover my expenses.)  This set includes 10 new cards not seen in previous sets.

Postage Options

Thank you for your support and GO TEAM RED! 
If you want to donate directly to Red's Hetra fundraising page, you can do so HERE.