Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HeartFull Living (adventures in loving)

As I ease into the new year, I embrace possibilities as my intention for this year.  What does my spirit crave?  Connection.

What do I want to make space for in my life? Community.

What do I need to nourish me in this season of dark and cold?  Conversation.  Deep listening. Being heard.  Hearing the truths of others. Sharing and through sharing, learning, growing, and healing.  Settling deeper into myself and embracing my truth, my story.

With possibilities guiding me, I am excited to offering this experiment in community and conversation:

HeartFull Living: Adventures in Loving
Open ❋ Expand ❋ Heal ❋ Receive

What am I talking about?  Well, I confess I'm not 100% sure!  What I want is a new model for connecting and sharing; an intimate gathering of souls desiring deep discussion, bravely exploring and sharing the wisdom of their tender and dear hearts.

My heart is my anchor, my compass and the source of my deepest truths, the container for my greatest challenges.  How to tend to and care for this precious part of ourselves?  How to step forward into a chaotic and uncertain world with our hearts wide open, willing and ready to give and receive?  How do the wounds we hold in our hearts offer us the opportunity for growth and strength and understanding? How can we support each other in living our lives with radiant and loving hearts, extending compassion for ourselves and our world?  

If those questions interest you, if you feel both excited and apprehensive about exploring (and hopefully sharing) the concept of HeartFull Living, then I invite you to join me for a month-long Valentine's celebration starting February 11 - March 9.

What this program is:
A community focused project.  The platform will be a private blog with weekly posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  There will be a theme for each week - Inspiration, Heartful Action, Our Stories/Healing, and Celebration -  but I want to leave room for the group's interests/conversations to guide the content.  There will be videos, essays, practice ideas and short meditations, along with music and poetry to guide and inspire conversation, questions and sharing.  A separate private Facebook group will be available for ease of conversation and sharing. (If you know me, you know I struggle with the concept and busyness of Facebook but I have to admit, ease of use seems to encourage more participation. It is certainly possible to participate in this program and not be on Facebook if that is your preference; this is all about making the program work for you where you are, as you are, as you need and as you want.)

What this program is not:
A How-to or What-to do program with me instructing, you taking notes.  (Nor it is a place to judge, instruct or otherwise tell others what to do or how to feel.)  It is not "listen to me, I have the answers" or "do these practices, answer these journal questions and receive x,y or z in your life."  It is not a course, but a conversation and a sharing of inspiration and ideas.


What you can expect:
Well, the unexpected of course!  The truth is, I'm not sure what will happen but from my experience I know that when I commit to showing up, being engaged, curious and willing to risk sharing my thoughts, my struggles and challenges, I usually discover new insights and perspectives. I grow and learn. My heart's wisdom deepens.  And I am always amazed and grateful for the rich experience and reward of community and care that manifests whenever a group gathers together holding honesty, respect and reverence  as essential core values.  

If this sounds like an adventure you are willing and eager to undertake, then I hope you will join me.

The details:
Starting: February 11 2013(just in time for Valentine's Day!) 
4 weeks (new content 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
Requirements: fearless, loving heart; brave soul; sense of adventure & play; willingness to hold space for others (and yourself); honoring your own boundaries, tender places, and pace of movement
Leave behind: judgements about yourself or others; expectations; sense of limitation
Optional (but recommended): trust in possibilities and the magical miraculousness of the everyday
cost: $20

Yes, that's correct - $20 for four weeks.  Think of it as the price of 4 weekly cups of tea or coffee, perhaps with a cookie or biscotti or scone on the side.  Each week being a circle gathering of old and new friends eager to snuggle in, slow down, and take time to be in the presence of each participants radiant, loving, tender heart. 

And just to tempt you further ...

direct link to video here
password: heartfull

I'm saving you a comfy chair by the fire, a warm muffin on a plate for all to nibble. I would so love to hear your voice, listen to your heart's truths.  

xo Lis

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