Friday, January 29, 2016

HeartFull Living 2016

How can I best serve Love in my life? What does that mean for me on a daily basis?

I invite you to join me and 14 guest contributors in exploring what Devotion to Love really means in terms of a daily life or daily practice.  How can we use the inspiration of Love to guide us in thought, word and action?

The Intention: 

Dedication to living life guided by the wisdom of the Heart; Opening, Receiving & Generating Love

The Invitation:

~Three weeks of Love Notes, whispered inspiration, shared stories on living a life devoted to Love
~Insight into the many ways we can reset our internal compasses to  turn towards love, towards joy in each day
~Conversation around the challenges and how others navigate the tight spots when Love and Trust seem far and distant

Bonus Feature:

Fourteen guest Joy Warriors & Love Pirates will be sharing their Heart Stories, their best moves to realign with Love

HeartFull Living is held in a private blog space that only members can access. Each day there will be a new offering presented -  a story, an idea, an inspiration or practice. You can drop in daily or gather what you want, when you want. Conversation happens in the comment section, often a lively and insightful feature of past HeartFull Living offerings.  

HeartFull Living is not a classroom, it is not a course ... It is a community. It is a space of sharing, a place to witness and be witnessed. It is an invitation to talk about what really matters, what inspires all that we do and all that we yearn to do and be ... Love. Your voice is needed; your voice matters!

HeartFull Living begins February 14, 2016 and runs live through March 5. The space will stay open through April 3rd, so there is plenty of time to access the material. 

membership fee: $18 (all proceeds to be donated ... keep reading!) 

HeartFull Living Project:

This year I am excited to announce that all of the proceeds from HeartFull Living 2016 will be donated to Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA). I have been volunteering for HETRA for the past year and it has been an incredible opportunity to witness the power of Love to inspire and heal. HETRA's Mission is "to improve the quality of life both physically and emotionally of adults and children with disabilities through equine assisted activities." 

HETRA is a non-profit 501c3 organization. They rely upon donations and funding to keep services affordable for the 115 or so participants who ride each week, supplementing approximately $75 to $90 for each rider. They offer a variety of services in Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Services for Veterans,  Therapeutic Carriage Driving, Day Camps, Life Skills Training and Special Olympics. In the Winter HETRA runs their Horse Penny Race, a campaign to help raise funds to offset the care and training of their 16 therapy horses, the heart of their programs.  I am part of Team Star, a handsome 21 year old Palomino Quarter Horse and Star will be the HeartFull Living mascot. 

Always rich, always inspiring, the members of the HeartFull Living community make this yearly offering a highlight of the year. It is as a collective that we mine deep truths, insightful lessons and healing wisdom bringing HeartFull Living into our world.  Past participants shared the following:

thank you for your deep and truly heartfelt offering Lisa... beautiful conversations and the softness of this gathering was a joy... I will come back to read as time passes and knowing this collection of wisdom and kindness will be here as life whirls and spins gives a sense of contentment  (j)

thank you so much for creating, for curating, for loving this space along for us, lisa. the conversations have been on my mind as we've moved through these four weeks {i'm eager to dip back in to those i missed}, they've been in my heart. such softness, such love.
and now we ripple... (m)

Thank you my dear friend for this sacred space. though I was only able to check in here and there it provided me a beautiful safe space to come to when I could.. no goodbyes only beginnings again (k)

Lisa, what a lovely offering you have gifted us with this class. I thank you, especially for showing up as the real authentic you. That is one thing that really draws me back to your offerings/classes... is how authentic and uniquely you that you show up as in the world. I'm so grateful for this time that brought me to deeper connection within my heart space and in that place of opening myself up to greater love in my life. I'm so grateful. Thank you over and over again. (s)

ALL of this! Your initial post, Lisa - and every comment after - are like oxygen to me. I'm breathing them in, resting in their life-giving nature. I'm resonating with so much that has been said here - so many experiences/feelings in common ... (s.p)

I can't wait to begin.  Let's come together to share our stories, bearing witness for each other and feeding love, spreading love from my heart to yours, and from your heart out into our world.

course closed - thank you for the overwhelming response! If you would like to donate to the therapy horses of, you can still do so using the button below. 
Join Now! The conversation begins February 14, 2016

Questions? Leave a comment or feel free to email me: Lishofmann88(at)gmail(dot)com

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